Coolest sites: Lescaux Caves, Esperanto, urinals, Hunter Thompson


Lescaux site. The paintings in the cave are around 15,000 to 17,000 years old.

Explore the Lescaux caves with your mouse

What else should we expect from the French? The site tells a complex story in a wonderfully modern and obscure way. At the same time, it is told with pride and elegance. The story itself, like the cave paintings, is magnificent, and the site, to good effect, lets it unfold slowly and somewhat haphazardly. But the browser, like a teenager eager to take it to the next level, moves quickly and thus comes across stunning images.

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From the Esperanto site. All names end with o, adjectives end with a, and adverbs end with e.

Esperanto – no irregular verbs

Most people are perfectly happy with their own language, and those who have the luxury of learning another prefer a language that allows them to read Italo Calvino, Thomas Mann or Li Po untranslated. To be frank, no good literature has been written in Esperanto, and as Fernando de Diego, a Venezuelan who writes in Esperanto, admitted, “50% of Esperanto translations are bad translations of unnecessary works.”

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From Time spent in front of a urinal is time for introspection, relaxation, exhalation and frankness.

The beauty of urinals attempts to reclaim some of the enchantment once associated with urinals. Ever since Marcel Duchamp “recovered” a urinal (exhibited on the site) in the street and presented it at a Dadaist exhibition, porcelain containers have been the target of jokes. But Duchamp’s “ready-mades” or “brain facts” were serious testimonies to the banality, to the futility of defining art as anything other than a philosophical decision.

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Hunter Thompson just copied Annie Leibowitz

But just because Thompson is at the cutting edge of technology doesn’t mean he’s in sync. He may be a sports enthusiast (he started his career as a sports reporter in Florida), but in his first “Hey, Rube! Chronicle, he has proposed several ways to shorten baseball games, a sport he abhors. “Even the new rules wouldn’t get me back to the ballpark,” he wrote.

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A nice 63-year-old American has better scoring chances than a 31-year-old loser.

Find brides on the Volga

Start by selecting a number of Russian women that interest you from our main photo gallery. Our search engine can be very useful in refining your preferred criteria. The women featured here are quite good at judging character and often hold the substance of character in higher esteem than age.

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From the site of anarchy. “Without some means of exact timing, industrial capitalism could not continue to exploit workers.”

Anarchy on the web

Emma Goldman grew up in a “petty-bourgeois” Jewish family in the Baltic region of Russia. After emigrating to the United States at the age of 16, she worked in a garment factory in Rochester, New York, before moving to New York in 1889. Already influenced in her youth by the radical culture of Saint -Petersburg, she soon joined the anarchist movement and advocated violence; she helped Alexander Berkman plot to assassinate Henry Clay Frick.

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From the Ridout site. Ridout Plastics has grown from 8 to over 65 employees.

Ridout Plastics – beyond Preisendorfer surfboards

One of Easton’s main lessons is that “content” is not the kiss of death. As long as a site provides a clearly defined service, it can load up with content and still be successful. is a fine example of this precept. A customer can visit the site to order a custom skateboard or oddly shaped piece of plastic tubing and receive training on the expansion and contraction properties of plexiglass (acrylic) as a bonus.

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Unarius website. Preparation for the landing of a Pleiadian ship.

San Diego spiritualists take on local scientists

San Diego is a logical place for conflict over the paranormal: it is home to alternative lifestyles and world-class scientific and research institutions. The landscape of the region also gives rise to opposing explanations of strange phenomena. Desert locations attract spiritualists and scientists, both seeking answers to serious questions among the extreme geography and light-streaked night skies. And the presence of the military here complicates these things: their stealth experiments and luminescent flying machines are taken for paranormal activity.

By Justin Wolff, June 18, 1998 | Read the full article home page. “It’s sweet to remember, but often cheaper to be forgotten.”

Prison correspondents

Unless you’re a parent, I imagine it would take a big and brave heart to reach out to Anthony “Two Guns” Fletcher. According to the Two Guns site at the inmate homepages, the state of Pennsylvania convicted him of first degree murder by means as unfair as destroying “exculpatory medical evidence and fabricating reports of” autopsy ”. While Two Guns bragging about his life before his conviction may scare some sympathizers, it probably wins out more.

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Ghost Towns Website. Decline and ruin are common events treated with Darwinian detachment.

America’s Loneliest Cities

Of a ghost town in Imperial County, California, he writes: “Twenty-five miles from Yuma, Arizona, north of Highway 80, is the ghost town of Tumco, California. A walker whose last name was Hedges made a discovery in the early 1880s that created some excitement (and) that ultimately drew as many as 3,000 people to the site. “

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San Diego House Rabbit Society. “Spend time sitting quietly on the floor. “

Extreme rabbit lovers

The site gives vivid descriptions of how rabbits can fight, pinch, and ride each other in land disputes right in your living room. “Combat is usually an instant and willfully vicious attack. Rabbits sometimes attack the face, underside, and genitals of the other rabbit. Despite their fierce resistance to domestication and socialization, the San Diego House Rabbit Society does its best to sell rabbits.

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Ayn Rand Institute website: “A is A. Facts are facts. “

The dangerous Ayn Rand

It’s not Rand’s idealization of machismo and corporate tactics that appeals to me (although I have to say that the best testament to the androgyny of Rand’s creed is Rand herself, an ambitious intellectual, calculating and very successful), it is his unwavering objectivism, his consistent dedication to a philosophy other than religion that I admire.

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DuctTapeGuys website. Adhesive tape does not work on ducts.

Duct tape madness

Multipurpose tape was used as a repair material that could be torn apart by hand and used to make quick repairs on jeeps, airplanes, and other military equipment. Johnson & Johnson Company, who by then had developed their own line of adhesive tapes, aided the war effort by combining a mesh fabric, which tears easily, with a rubber-based adhesive and a rubberized coating.

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Site of the Padres. At least the Padres aren’t part of the “Big Four”.

A place for Padres fans

The offseason is a delicate period. Those of us cheering for teams other than the Yankees need a respite from our unrequited love, but at the same time, winter is all about prospects. It’s all about the connotations of the word: rookies, new acquisitions, rising averages, the meaning of last year’s end-of-season push, dreaming of probing those below you from the top of the pack. First place. Winner. Win the World Series.

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From the SmokingGun website. Russia, as we know, has sold part of its huge arms cache.

Where to buy Russian submarines

I need a big, wasted engine. I need generous quarters for the captain, a chic dining hall and state-of-the-art marine toilets. I need chrome details, lots of knobs and dials placed in a mahogany control panel, and the best periscope available. And range. I need a lot of reach. I’m not interested in suburban submarines. I need an attack submarine. Something quite expansive for my chronic road rage.

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Northern Light has the best search engine, if the volume and inventiveness of query returns is any indication.

Northern Light and its personalized shirts

I know plenty of people who have always found the web an empty place – a place even more frustrating than the endless aisles of Vons and Longs Drugs, where you freeze in front of soaps and toothbrushes.

I hate the 15 minutes I waste trying to decide what is most important to the long-term health of my teeth, but I hate those minutes less than the minutes I waste trying to find travel and consumer advice. in line.

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