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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. – The family of a woman killed in the mass shooting in Kroger warns people about bogus crowdfunding pages created by crooks to capitalize on their loss.

One of Olivia King’s sons said he was furious because his mother’s funeral took place over the weekend.

Wes King said his family never asked for money, but several crooks set up fake fundraising pages.

On Facebook, the family posted a warning about a GoFundMe fundraiser and another site called Plumfund.

The family said that someone who organized the fundraiser on Plumfund used a family member’s name, but it is a scam.

“We recommend that people donate to people or organizations you know. So even though charities can be vetted, it’s much more difficult to assess the reliability of people who have posted a request for help, ”said Daniel Irwin of the Better Business Bureau.

Irwin said donating to a fundraiser set up by the Greater Memphis Community Foundation, the Kroger Delta Division and the National Compassionate Fund for Kroger Shooting Victims is a safer option.

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Irwin said that if you decide to donate on an individual fundraising page, you need to be careful.

“Look at the comments or donations. Do direct families, friends or community members donate and leave favorable reviews? It’s a really quick way to find out if something is legit or not, is to look at who donated in the comments they left, ”Irwin said.

At present, the family has notified law enforcement about the bogus fundraising sites.

They urge others to stop donating to bogus pages. Otherwise, the crooks will profit from their loss.

When we checked the GoFundMe site and the Plumfund account on Wednesday night, we found that it had been deleted.

If you want to help the victims of the Kroger shooting, you can donate here instead.


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