Leading Fashion Retailer Cuts Marketing Spend 33% Using Quantzig Marketing Mix Modeling Solutions


LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Quantzig, a global data analytics and consulting company that provides actionable analytics solutions to solve complex business problems, has announced the completion of its latest engagement in Marketing Mix Modeling for a great fashion brand. This success story illustrates Quantzig’s expertise in the offer advanced marketing mix modeling solutions to help retailers optimize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and align their marketing goals with customer needs.

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To stay one step ahead in today’s digital-oriented business arena, influencer-based marketing and personalized promotions have become prerequisites for businesses in the fashion retail industry. Additionally, to have an impact on customers’ buying decisions, companies need to identify platforms that can help them better connect with their customers and improve their experiences. To achieve this, companies in the fashion retail industry must take a holistic approach to marketing mix modeling that can help them gain an in-depth view of the ROI of their marketing efforts.

At Quantzig, we understand the challenges that fashion retailers face amid the stiff competition and complex environment. With our marketing mix modeling solutions, we help businesses budget marketing campaigns and measure campaign success. As a result, businesses can efficiently allocate marketing budgets and reduce customer acquisition costs.

We provide customized market mix modeling solutions that help businesses gain accurate insight into the ROI of their marketing efforts. Talk to our analytics experts if you want to cooperate with us.

The commercial challenge

The client, a leading fashion retail company, was struggling to adapt to rapidly changing market trends and customer behaviors in the fashion retail industry. Additionally, the client wanted to identify channels that could help them better connect with their customers and generate revenue. For this, they were looking for a comprehensive, analytical approach to marketing mix modeling that could help them gain in-depth insights into their marketing efforts.

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The solution offered and the value provided

To help meet the customer’s challenges, Quantzig’s marketing analytics experts took a holistic approach to accurately predict, optimize and evaluate the impact of their marketing campaigns and predict the future impact on sales for different spend scenarios. marketing. By leveraging advanced multi-touch attribution models and analytics tools, experts were able to provide accurate insight into the customer’s marketing efforts. This information further helped the fashion retail company quantify the impact of its marketing efforts and improve customer engagement across different platforms.

Quantzig’s marketing mix modeling solutions also enabled the client to:

  • Reduce marketing spend by 33%

  • Quantify the marketing effectiveness of channels in terms of MROI

Quantzig’s marketing mix solutions provided predictive insights into:

  • Implement a unique approach to improve cross-channel attribution.

  • Improve the customer experience through points of contact.

  • Contact our analysis experts to learn more about our portfolio of marketing mix modeling solutions.

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