Marketing Mix Engagement Helps Design a Marketing Mix Strategy for a Leading Sportswear Brand | A Quantzig success story


LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Quantzig, a leading data analysis and consulting firm which provides actionable analytics solutions to solve complex business problems, announced the completion of its recent commitment to marketing mix. This success story highlights ways to maximize profit margins in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment like the sportswear manufacturing industry.

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Market mix modeling is a technique that helps brands quantify the impact of their marketing inputs on sales. The elements of the marketing mix help determine the effectiveness of each marketing contribution in terms of return on investment. A strong marketing mix strategy can help assess the effectiveness and ROI of different marketing spend on products in different markets. No two markets are alike, and narrow gap analytical insights can help businesses optimize their marketing spend around the world.

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To implement an effective marketing strategy, it is important to understand several key concepts and know how to best use them to reach the target market ”, Says a marketing analysis expert at Quantzig.

The business problem: The customer is a major manufacturer of sportswear. The client’s classic marketing mix strategy was insufficient to cope with a rapidly changing market. As a result, the client wanted to find stability with the use of essential elements of the marketing mix and design an effective strategy that met the client’s requirements while maximizing business value.

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The solution offered: Quantzig’s marketing mix experts have helped the sportswear manufacturer adapt to the rapidly changing market. In the final step of this engagement, the client was also able to design effective strategies that could meet the demands of their target clients, thereby maximizing their profits and return on investment.

Quantzig’s marketing mix solutions helped the client to:

  • Improve their brand image

  • Design a marketing mix strategy

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