Marketing Mix Modeling for an Investment Banking Firm – A Case Study on Designing New Marketing Strategies


LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Quantzig, a global provider of analytical solutions, announced the completion of its latest marketing mix optimization study in the banking sector. A renowned investment bank wanted to regulate the business drivers and allocate the company’s resources accordingly. The client was able to assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and reallocate their marketing spend.

According to marketing mix modeling experts at Quantzig, “Large organizations in the banking industry are embracing marketing mix modeling to optimize advertising investments and drive sales and revenue growth. ”

In this highly competitive environment, banking companies rely on marketing techniques to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and increase returns on their marketing investments. In an effort to stay relevant in the market, investment bankers are turning to marketing mix modeling to improve their marketing campaigns and plan their strategic development.

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The solution presented by Quantzig helped the client to effectively monitor and assess the impact of revenue-based marketing campaigns. The client was able to gain actionable information on sales and market share. In addition, the customer was able to generate more profitable promotions and improve overall business results.

This marketing mix modeling solution provided benefits that helped the client to:

  • Evaluate the impact of past campaigns and company performance

  • Answer the most generic questions about future spending models

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This marketing mix modeling solution offered predictive information on:

  • Understand the impact of traditional, digital and social media on sales performance

  • Improve business growth by 20% and achieve better returns on marketing investments

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Check out the full marketing mix modeling here:

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