The importance of understanding the marketing mix


It’s great to have Love savings group involved as a sponsor of this year’s Performance Marketing Awards. What are you most expecting from the virtual event?

It has been a difficult year across the board and we look forward to meeting new and old faces and celebrating together in a relaxed virtual world. Since the pandemic, networking capacity has been limited and we have seen that everything seems to have become somewhat “highly” transactional and operational thanks to the endless remote meetings we all have. However, this event allows the industry to relax, reflect and hopefully celebrate some of the successes that we have all seen in a year not presented for all.

We also can’t wait to see how the event unfolds in a virtual world!

LDCs celebrate the achievements of the best minds in the industry. What special categories and talking points interest you this year?

As a UK company focused on market maturation and as a lead sponsor of the Global Excellence category, we are really interested in seeing what the industry is doing on a global scale – we are excited about the trends that we are. see and the conversations we have in space.

Along with this, we’re interested to see how data adoption is being used, especially with the acceleration of so many changes in the digital landscape that we have all witnessed in the past 12 months.

At Love Savings Group, what are the main goals you work towards when working with advertisers?

Like many other publishers, we want to generate as much revenue as possible for advertisers and our publisher partners while providing our users with a great experience. We aim to provide a consultative approach by working with advertisers from various regions on the goals they wish to achieve.

This can be access to new markets and audiences through our exclusive partnerships, new customer acquisition, customer incentives, etc.

With the disruption caused by COVID-19, we’ve all seen a rapid change in behaviors, operations across all touchpoints online, from consumers, retailers and publishers. We have seen some industries suffer from the pandemic, and advertisers in other industries are accelerating improvements in housing, home education, health and fitness.

We have seen advertisers who did not see e-commerce as their primary channel move quickly through the space and it will be interesting to see how these SMEs develop into large advertisers in the future.

What tips can you share for advertisers who want to adopt an effective strategy?

The bottom line is the planning and transparency that delivers the best end-to-end user experience, from advertisers, networks, publishers, and most importantly, the buying customer.

From an advertiser’s perspective, understanding and adapting to how performance marketing contributes to order acquisition, order conversions and customer acquisition is fundamental. By analyzing the marketing mix to understand the “added value” in the purchasing value chain and demonstrating that on a return per spend, advertisers should be able to see the most profitable marketing channel.

Finally, are there any exciting projects that Love Savings Group is working on at the moment? Please share with our readers so we all know what to look for all the rest of 2021.

We plan to continue our international expansion through our Love Coupon locations, offering the same offer in new regions. We are also exploring and expanding our white label proposition through our sister company The savings group, which is set to announce new agreements to complement our existing successful relationships in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Do not forget to consult the AMP website for more information on next week’s awards, and stay tuned for more exciting news as the ceremony nears by subscribing to our bulletin.

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