The Three Words That Increase Website Traffic

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By Jane Lucas

No matter what your business, there is a lot of competition to get traffic to your website. Several factors come into play when considering web traffic: Are you B2B or B2C? Maybe you have a specific niche like real estate or finance.

We understand that it may appear that you are not talking to anyone when you post content on your social media and website. And U.S know that consistency is one of the most critical factors, but what comes next?


The content of your content is what has an impact. Understanding what your audience needs from you and the style in which they need it is essential.

Many businessmen with limited time cannot read a 3,000 word blog post, regardless of the interest of the topic. However, what if you can condense it into a 2 page downloadable bulleted list? Bingo.

Once you understand your audience and identify their weak spots, understand where they are online and what media they consume. offline, then you are 50% of the way.

So what can you do to wow your readers and create shareable and engaging content?


Create content with value.

If you share an Instagram post of a house ad, or maybe your morning coffee, what’s the value to the reader? Maybe you wrote a white paper and it just didn’t download the way you hoped. Ask yourself:

Is give value to the reader?

Look at all metrics across all platforms and your website. Watch the top performing content and highlight the value that has been delivered to the reader.

Even if you regularly have high performing content, it’s a worthwhile exercise.

Once you have an array of the most read, shared, and used content, create a point-to-point set of valuable markers for all future content.

If the new content doesn’t meet the criteria, don’t post it.


If your content hits all of the value markers you’ve set but still isn’t driving traffic, it’s time to take a look at your search engine optimization, or “SEO”. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, but it’s the foundation for getting regular and qualified traffic.

The basics of SEO are easy to understand, but as you delve deeper into metrics, behaviors, and content gap analysis, it’s time to consider. Ignite Digital best SEO company. Professional SEO companies use software that can perform tasks at a higher pace, make sense of numbers, and optimize your website.

The impact of SEO is long lasting, but it takes time to build up a steady stream of qualified readers.


What’s the next step for the customer? Have you given them a place to go or something to do? Your calls to action go a long way in encouraging activity.

You can use your social media in the same way and encourage action from those who interact with your content.

Use your calls to action to encourage readers to consume more content, access downloads, or product pages. Since they are on your website, they are already interested in what you are offering, give them something to do.

And these are the three words that will see an increase in website traffic that will lead to conversions: value, SEO, and action.

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